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I spend a lot of time online reading the latest Jeep news, Jeep forums, as well as looking for photos of Jeeps across my favorite social media sites. There are many great Jeep Forums out there but not as many personal Jeep blogs expressing a regional point of view. I write for a living at work and decided that it might be fun to come home and write about something I am more passionate about and that is Jeeps!

My wife and I have owned five Jeeps in our life together, two Jeep Cherokee XJs, one Grand Cherokee WJ, and two Jeep Wrangler TJs. We live in the beautiful state of Utah and my love of Jeeps has only grown stronger since it is the perfect vehicle for all four seasons here. I try to make it to Moab, Utah at lest three times a year as well as many beautiful offroad spots near Salt Lake City.

My goal is to bring you at least one piece of Jeep News every day – thus the name: Jeep Daily. It’s also because I daily drive my Jeep, and I look forward to it every time I get behind the wheel. I hope you give my site a chance and maybe even bookmark it or visit daily. If you have article ideas you’d like covered, please contact me and I will put them in the queue. If you are a manufacturer and would like us to review a product we will be happy to do that as well – but we will be honest so please don’t expect a glowing review if your product doesn’t meet our standards.

Once again, thanks for considering us as a source for your Jeep News! I look forward to meeting more Jeep owners and giving you the virtual Jeep Wave!